Arctic Cold Caps | Conquering Chemo Induced Hair Loss - Chemotherapy Causes Hair Loss. You Can Prevent It. Take the First Steps and call Arctic Cold Caps for a Free Consultation: (877) 234-1688.

  • Contact Us | Arctic Cold Caps - CONTACT US: (877) 234-1688 If you want to know more about Arctic Cold Caps or if you have any questions about the system, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • About Us | Arctic Cold Caps - ABOUT ARCTIC COLD CAPS At Arctic Cold Caps, we are passionate about our mission: helping cancer patients and survivors to improve their quality of life
  • How Do Arctic Cold Caps Work? | Arctic Cold Caps - Chemotherapy Can Save Your Life Arctic Cold Caps Can Save Your Hair Hair loss remains one of the most dreaded side effects of chemotherapy, particularly
  • The Arctic Cold Cap Method | Arctic Cold Caps - The Arctic Cold Cap system uses super cooled caps to constrict blood vessels in your scalp, thereby protecting your hair follicles from chemotherapy induced
  • Cold Cap FAQ | Arctic Cold Caps - What is Cold Cap Therapy? Cold cap therapy is a unique and effective means of dramatically reducing hair loss that typically accompanies chemotherapy treatment
  • For Best Results | Arctic Cold Caps - Tips When Using Arctic Cold Caps Therapy Please follow these guidelines to get the most out of your Arctic Cold Caps Therapy treatments. These steps are
  • Why Choose Arctic Cold Caps | Arctic Cold Caps - As an Arctic Cold Caps Client, you will receive valuable assistance from one of our knowledgeable Registered Nurses for training and support. They will answer
  • Drug Compatibility | Arctic Cold Caps - The following list is a guide to the types of drugs and regimens that are typically compatible with Arctic Cold Cap therapy. Always check with your oncologist
  • For Oncologists | Arctic Cold Caps - Arctic Cold Caps for Oncologists At Arctic Cold Caps we have developed an all inclusive therapy system that can mitigate, and in many cases eliminate,
  • Research | Arctic Cold Caps - CLINICAL STUDIES AND RESEARCH OF COLD CAP THERAPY There are numerous studies that validate the success of Cold Cap therapy in mitigating chemotherapy induced
  • Chemotherapy Stories | Arctic Cold Caps - Tell Us Your Chemotherapy Hair Loss Story Our mission is to help cancer patients to preserve their hair. It’s also our passion. We have direct experience with
  • Testimonials | Arctic Cold Caps - My name is Natalia Calderon, I am a medical oncologist in New York and unfortunately I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Having seen and experienced the
  • Our Services | Arctic Cold Caps - The Arctic Cold Cap System. Get More for Less. Only $379 Per Month Of the four leading Cold Cap providers in the world that are recommended by Rapunzel Project
  • Privacy Policy | Arctic Cold Caps - Privacy Policy This privacy policy has been compiled to better serve those who are concerned with how their 'Personally identifiable
  • Terms and Conditions | Arctic Cold Caps - Arctic Cold Caps, LLC Terms and Conditions In these terms and conditions the following terms will apply: The party renting the equipment and administrating

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