Veterinary Health Care by Animal Clinic of Warren, PA. - Animal Clinic of Warren, PA. is a full service veterinary practice in Warren, NJ specializing in small animal health care. Our mission is to provide the highest quality in Veterinary Medical animal pet health care in a professional, friendly, relaxed setting.

  • Did you know....state law....put your dog in a car seat! - Garden State drivers who fail to buckle up their cat or dog could face criminal charges as well as fines...New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission
  • Laser Therapy - The Animal Clinic of Warren is pleased to announce the latest advances in pain management, laser therapy. Non-invasive, painless and side-effect free!
  • Recipes for Treats for Dogs and Cats - It's no secret that we shower our loved ones with home cooked meals and desserts and our pets are no exception when it comes to giving them treats. However, just like humans, eating too many "goodies or treats" can impact our overall health. The most common of these being weight gain and other associated health problems. So what's the answer to sharing tasty morsels of love with your pet without harming their health? Choose a healthy snack and limit the number of treats you give your pet each day. This rule applies to both dogs and cats.

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  • Bonnie - I hate giving money to this unethical company

    I'm reluctantly giving 3 stars for the software itself. It's ok for bookkeeping. Unfortunately Intuit took over the small business accounting software market many years ago and Quickbooks is the only option

  • Mark P Walker - Fits the 2015 e-Golf perfectly! Order WT number 40599

    I have the e-Golf and this cargo liner tucks right in like it was part of the boot! The tray has to be in the lower position if course. This is my 2nd WT liner- had one for a Jetta sedan and these things look like they were poured into place! Very rugged, and nice tacky surface to keep my toolboxes from skidding around. Nice!!

  • Lynne Burke - Thankful for mothers milk plus!!!

    Using this and doing some 'power pumping' (pump for 20 minutes, wait for 10 minutes, pump for 20 minutes, wait for 10 minuets) for 90 minutes every night doubled my milk supply! So thankful I was able to get my supply back up!!

  • Eloise - Miracle Worker

    So first off, I use the whole system (shampoo, conditioner, scalp treatment). The process is very quick every day. The shampoo feels and smells great (very minty). Now as far as growing back more hair, I'm not sure how effective that is. I have very very thin and ugly hair. It always has to be in a bun; otherwise, it looks terrible (limp, lifeless, oily). The rain is my enemy. Anytime it rains, I must run because if my hair gets wet in public, it's a disaster. Then I started using Nioxin and yes! It works! It TRULY TRULY works! So if you have thin hair like me, PLEASE TRY IT. This stuff is great. My hair is noticeably thicker and just bigger in general. I can now even wear my hair down and with some hairspray, it actually looks great. Wonderful product for thin haired people; definitely recommended. But do use the entire system as I think it makes a difference. My hair feels great now.

  • M Bernstein - Fun To Read & Interesting!

    I like learning new things everyday and in between this book and Dan's daily emails, I am assured I always am. This is a great book for anyone who wants to learn random and new things. The chapters are so short that I read 1-2 a day and finished the book quickly.