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  • Katerock - great duo

    Always has been one of my favorite MK products. Keeps your face smooth and balances the oily vs. dry areas. One of my can't live without items.

  • Amazon Customer - Great shoe

    Size 6 fits perfectly and the hot pink looks great! Room for the toes, shoe is very light and very comfortable. Haven't taken it out for a run as yet but it seems to be just what I needed.

  • AlexanderSF - Good product, but is there a need for all that Blue Dye?

    The product from what I can tell does a good job. The mouth is fresh for a good amount of time after use, but why is there a need to make the rinse BRIGHT COBALT BLUE? Why not keep the product natural. All that blue dye can't be good for you.

  • Kevin B. Maes - Everything they say, Great for stairs with pet brush

    I just bought this vacuum from Bed Bath and Beyond with their 20% off coupon. It's wonderful for the price. This vacuum does everything they say it does on the commercial, if you've seen the infomercial. I love it. It is easy to use, gets a deep clean. I don't have a pet, and though it's advertised for pet-owners, I have a problem with fuzzies from socks, dryer, and other clothes. I can't stand fuzzies on my carpet. My last 2 vacuums haven't been able to pick them off the ground, even when I went over them multiple times. With this vacuum, they came up the first time, and quickly. Also, I just bought a house and it has carpeted stairs, my other vacuums made it difficult to get the stairs, either by weight, or usability. With this vacuum, i use the pet hair brush and it picks up everything just as easily as the vacuum does the rest of the house. I like this vacuum, the only problem I have is the lavender color, gotta be pretty comfortable with my masculinity to use it.

  • Joel Hachet - cheap

    It does two things really well, keeps me full keeps me happy, Sometimes dieting is the worst but i never went hungry on was unhappy, there is no magical pill to help you lose weight, its all good diet and exercise, but this takes the sting out of dieting.

  • LTLisa - Revised

    Help! This item came yesterday. This morning I sat down to follow the installation instructions and the mcafee link that was given is broken (due to a website redesign) and it is NOT intuitive as to how to proceed with the item purchased. It is intuitive and much more expensive to follow the links and order online. I will have to debug this after work. Very sad.