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  • Amazon Customer - Good Ol' Bad Boy at it Again

    Ah, man - I finished it. Now I'll have to wait for who knows how long (well, maybe the author has an inkling) for Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension agent Virgil Flowers to make his next appearance in print.

  • KenyettaB. - 50/50

    The best part of this product is it gives lots of nutrition that may be missing from your little ones diet. The worse part is the taste, my 15 month old hates it no matter how much I try to mask it. The vanilla is powerful and I would only drink it if I had to


    Worth the money if you have bonded teeth!I could tell a difference after 2 applications! I get my teeth whitened and was surprised on how well it whitened the fake tooth.

  • Randall Raymond Fish - One Star

    I have only peed once today.But think i might have a liver problem or it was 98 today and i sweated a lot. I don't know!

  • cassidyhanft - ... but it really didn't work it would work at like really weird times but then when I wanted was ...

    It was okay but it really didn't work it would work at like really weird times but then when I wanted was it to work it didn't

  • eddiehamrick - Great content, very thorough, but the sample tests aren't very good

    The Princeton Review Cracking the MCAT was an absolutely essential part of my study schedule for the MCAT. It was very thorough and a great help, especially the portions covering general chemistry from my freshman and sophomore years of college. The only negative aspect of this book was the practice tests that came with it. The passages were confusing and not like the MCAT passages at all. I received my lowest scores on these practice tests, while I received my highest on the official MCAT practice tests. I would highly recommend this book, but I would definitely spend the money on official MCAT practice tests.

  • Amy Charlotte Hubbard - WD Finish

    It works great!!! I used it on my antique kitchen table that gets a lot of daily wear and tear. My girls are always spilling milk, water, water colors, etc. The table had faded and this brought it back to life. It was quick and easy to use. I love this product!