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  • Ralph Brandt - Visual Studio

    The disk arrived in good condition, but since I ordered this disk, it has not worked on my laptop. I have been on the phone with Microsoft tech support about ten times and each phone call was about two hours. Still it does not work.

  • Tiffany G. - Works Wonders

    I've purchased this product multiple times over the past 5 years and love it. It does exactly what it's supposed to do. I usually feel and look bloated but taking Colon Cleanse makes me feel 100% better within the first 48 hours of use. Great product with great results.

  • Julie - It works!

    Thank you! I spent 35$ and got 3 of these with free one day shipping. I needed my water flow back, fast. between my husband and I each drink almost a gallon a day. The OEM filter was 35$ for one and it lasted about 3 months before the flow weakened to a point where it took 3 minutes to fill a glass. I installed this one and ran water through as directed and we have a nice, strong flow of water that is tasteless. It seems to work just the same as the Frigidaire brand. Even if this one only lasts 3 months as well, at least this one is 3 times less than the OEM one. So happy with this product so far.

  • Tel9 - Perfect

    Fits perfectly. Not too heavy. Easy to take in and out. Sturdy plastic. Protects the carpet. Very happy with this purchase.

  • nico k - all of my symptoms abated and I was so happy to not have raging menstruation and raging emotions

    I had never had PMS until after my kids were born, and coupled with stress and a very heavy flow I was barely holding it together. I had very intense symptoms of PMDD and then my period was late or lasting for weeks or months at a time. I went to 4 different GYNs and was finally diagnosed (tentatively) with adenomyosis. A full hysterectomy was on the books when I googled and discovered that a vitamin K deficiency could be at play. I began taking Slow Flow and Women's Phase I; all of my symptoms abated and I was so happy to not have raging menstruation and raging emotions. Well, I slacked on the Phase I and the PMDD came back with a vengeance. Just repurchased and am hoping it brings things back to normal. (I will update!) There is a ton of discussion around the internet about mineral deficiencies and PMS/PMD/dysmenorrhea. I just wish the medical community was more aware of it. It would've saved me thousands of dollars!!!

  • Lee Scott - DEVASTATING!!!

    Imagine being able to take a dump on anything you wanted. LIQUID ASS is the ultimate revenge tool. I used to unload a can of pepper spray in someones air conditioner for revenge, now I use LIQUID ASS. Nasty bus driver; spray the back of his coat or pants. He smells like he crapped his pants all day. Same with a cab driver-- it will take his cab out of service. Imagine putting a few drops of this in a perfume tester. Or spraying a bit of this in a restaurant or other high end business. It could cost them huge $$$$ as this stuff lasts for hours. LIQUID ASS is most effective AFTER it dries. I read the CIA has a whole line of stenches and irritants for various uses. This surely has to be one of them. LIQUID ASS is more than a practical joke, it's pure evil.

  • A. M. Shipley - Best manual transmission gear oil

    I bought this Mobil 1 gear oil to replace the factory fill gear oil in my Hyundai Accent. I had a local lube shop do the job as they charged only $25 to drain & fill and dispose of the used gear oil.