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  • XiChi - Too many bugs to warrant buying this -- at least for now

    I recently purchased this device, and it is riddled with bugs that defeat many of the attribute that may cause you to want this. I'm not alone in this regard, and you should check out some of the other known issues posted on Garmin's forums

  • sandra - These are great for my walking commute around campus

    These are great for my walking commute around campus. There are no wires to get tangled (which is why I bought them!) when I'm ready to use them again and the carry case clips perfectly to my bag so I know where they are. They are reasonably priced for the convenience and the sound is good. I also like that I can use one or both without the hassle of cords.

  • Libby - Good enough

    Does its intended job. However, the child on the non-carseat side has very little room. This isn't the fault of the adapter...the double BOB has very narrow seats, and infant carseats are so darn wide. Just creates a bit of a pinch for the toddler next door.

  • Matt - This was one of the most frustrating installation experiences I ...

    This was one of the most frustrating installation experiences I have ever encountered. The web address on the card redirected me to the wrong download site, I had to download a program to speak with customer service and find the correct download site, the program didn't work once I downloaded it, and I had to . This is a complete scam; don't fall for it.

  • Amazon Customer - $40 Ankle Weights

    I bought these socks to go with my FiveFingers to train for and run another marathon. The first time I wore them was for a 13 mile training run. I was very impressed, and do believe that they reduced leg fatigue. Later I wore them for a 6.5 mile trail race with several water crossings. As soon as I hit the first water crossing, they slid right down to my ankles and would not stay up the rest of the race. I thought it was a problem specific to being soaked while running. I wore them again a few weeks later for a 5k road race. Within the first mile they were both down around my ankles again. I just paid $40 for a set of ankle weights!