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  • Sherry - Not Worth the money

    This conditioner does not detangle my medium length hair even better than Suave. Did not like it, and to make it even worse they more than doubled the price for my second subscribe and save. I cancelled after one bottle.

  • Steven Cooper - handy little knife.

    Great little knife. Nice and light in my pocket. Delivered on a Sunday with the two day shipping option.

  • Michael SanGiovanni - I would say I love this and give it five stars iff the clamp ...

    I would say I love this and give it five stars iff the clamp screw didn't come loose occasionally. (It is the screw that sets the clamp depth depending on the width of the wood. Setting it from 3/4 inch to 1½ inch takes a few turns and it does come loose. I usually find myself locking it with a pliers). I know the K5 has a self adjusting clamp. Almost everything else about this jig is excellent, and what I didn't like was fixed with the K5 (I should have read the reviews and bought it instead). Only other MINOR complaint: The adjusting pin on the K4 unscrews, you align the hole and screw it back in. If it were spring loaded, like on the K5, it would have been much better. Otherwise, if you have one of those mini jigs that you have to clamp on to each piece, get this instead, or better yet, the K5. It speeds up the workload tremendously, and I'm glad I bought it.

  • Myra Binnicker - Happy with Rainbow

    This says to take three a day, but the doc read over it and said they were actually okay with one since they eat well and are healthy. He thought they were a good choice. They are a little bit big, but not really any different than other brands, such as Centrum. My older daughter said they are just a little spicy to her, but my younger daughter does not notice it. I tried one, and I did not detect it either. Some people may pick up on that though. They have both said these don't bother their stomachs like the teen vitamin packs they were taking from GNC do. I like that they are totally food derived as well.

  • Sloan - Works! Ignore the nay-Sayers!

    The people who said "It's syrupy,etc" Jus didn't follow directions to dilute it. This product works. Good for special occasions, I used it to slim down for my Halloween costume and my stomach looked soooooo flat! Mostly just water weight but it definitely works in a pinch! It took off what I couldn't exercise off :)

  • Amazon Customer - I Didn't go Bananas for Yonanas

    As much as I was excited to use the machine after enjoying some frozen yogurt at my friends house with her machine I was very disappointed in my own. I froze 4 whole bananas and did everything I was supposed to do, let them thaw for 15 minutes and put them in one at a time.. I wasn't getting anything out of the machine! After forcing more bananas into the machine I may have got 1 1/2 entire bananas out of it, the rest was stuck in the machine. No, it didn't come out smooth and creamy like the presentation. It was clogged the whole time. This was my first Amazon return.

  • Esther Scott-Mason - Best Foundation Brush EVER !

    I wear make-up everyday as well as do make-up on others, and this brush is AMAZING! Great size and very easy to buff in your foundation! I have used it with liquid foundation and it leaves my face and my clients faces FLAWLESS! I'll be ordering a couple more as gifts closer to Christmas! Thanks!