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  • Anonymous - About 50% amazing, 50% meh

    This is a good collection and worth reading altogether, but some stories are definitely more interesting than others (as is true with most collections). The summary in the beginning of the book explains that the stories the editor liked best are placed closest to the beginning of the book, and I definitely found this to be the case during my reading of the book. It started off with some very memorable stories; one about the Cuba/America relationship and how it hurts families (luckily this has recently changed!), one about racing the bulls, and one about a trek through rural Papua New Guinea. There are a few memorable shorter stories scattered throughout the book too: one about searching for a special recipe in Vietnam, one about not traveling (interestingly enough), and another about being a style-conscious traveler who always packs too much. Anyways, I guess overall there were about 10 stories that I remember really loving, and the others I don't recall at all (excluding one that I really hated). So 10/20 stories are great, and the rest are mediocre. Worth a read, though, if you are interested in getting into travel writing and want several solid examples of how to do it!

  • Rudy Hyde - Hit of the party!

    Christmas gift for 16 yo daughter. She loved it. It was the hit of a birthday/early new years party Sat. after Christmas. Songs are a good mix of popular, classic and 'silly' (the Muppets "mahnamahna song" is on this) with fun dance moves. We have all the Just Dance games except 2014 and have always enjoyed them. Great price and got here on time.