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  • Lupito - Great product

    This cross bars fit perfect to the side rail bar, now my highlander looks fully loaded. Great price, nice color. Thanks to amazon.

  • trevor - UTTER GARBAGE

    We own quite a few rentals, and are in need of software to help keep us organized. We tried this software, and boy what a nightmare. Our computers all meet system req's, but we couldn't get it to install on any computer. Of course, Intuit's customer support was utterly useless and referred us to Microsoft. Microsoft insisted it must be the Quicken software since other programs install and run just fine. This exhausting process of dealing with Intuit's uber-fail tech support spanned about a week. So we then tried to just return it, and THAT took TWO WEEKS of dealing with the MORONS at Intuit. PLEASE - does anyone know of some non-web-based software we can use that isn't made by Intuit?

  • Markiss - easily one of my favorite albums in the last year.

    If you enjoyed Born Sinner, you will enjoy this. i think born sinner was better in my own opinion but only by a small margin. but ive gotten to listen to that album for awhile now and just got this so no i havent gotten to fully experience this album like that one so my argument might be invalid over time.

  • michael swan - Very good

    I bought this so that I would not have to take my regular antenna off every time that I go through the car wash.

  • cherryblossom - Best Pillow in the whole world!

    I absolutely LOVE this pillow! It was pretty hard to get it out of the packaging but once you finally break through it is the softest pillow I have ever bought! It's probably the closest you could get to actually sleeping on clouds. I have never slept more comfortable ever, I didn't wake up once during the night and I didn't even want to get out of bed I was just that comfortable. The only thing I really didn't like was the smell of the pillow but after a few days that will change and you don't even notice it with a pillow case on. It is definitely worth the money! I would fill my whole room with them if I could! :) I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review.