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    Having issues with the program slowing Mozilla Thunderbird (my mail client) to a crawl on opening. Thunderbird works fine as long as I disable McAfee completely or start it in Thunderbird's "safe mode," which also blocks all McAfee items from running with Thunderbird, but as soon as I try to open normally, it takes 45-60 seconds for the program to open. Spent about an hour on the phone today with their tech support with no success. Their second tier support is suppose to call tomorrow and perhaps they can resolve the issue, but I will have to see.

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    Usually i dont review anything con amazon but im impress with this game, ive been playing with the whole day.

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    I designed my own house with this software, and we're almost done building it now. I had no design experience before, so I had to learn everything from scratch, but it was fairly intuitive to learn. (Disclosure: I'm an I.T. pro by day, so it might be harder for a "regular" user to learn. I can't say.)

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  • Martyz9 - Everything you need to know about Rome and then some!

    Rick Steves, of PBS fame, is a travel guru who anticipates any and virtually all questions about anything you might encounter in your travels. We found that very useful. Perhaps he is overly frightening when advising caution; we did not see the many "problems/dangers" he warns you of when traveling in Rome.