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    Simply Awesome. intelligent take on the Legend of Hercules. Try to remember that the story of Hercules was a very very old oral tradition long before it was written. Long before there was writing. For instance, (and not to be a spoiler), part of the mythos the legend of probably a very old memory (no telling how old), of a time when the art of horse riding was not widely known. People hunted horses for food - not taming and riding. Such would be the memory of any tribe or people who first encounter-----the shocking sight of a man on a horse. It had not been seen or even envisioned by any people for a very long time.before such a meeting.

  • Thomas - Gone to the dogs! and the story keeps getting 'better'!

    Amazon was fine, but I despise Quickens upgrade process/policy. I was offered an upgrade from inside the product which was more than the cost to upgrade via Amazon. Once I managed to find the nearly impossible phone number - They really want you to use their online support so they don't actually have to support you - I called Quicken to report the fact that I thought this was very misleading and a form of taking advantage of it's customers that like myself assume the manufacturers upgrade offer presented in the application was the best way to upgrade. Of course their crack team of off-shore support did nothing. I'm not sure they even understood my issue since they couldn't look it up in a knowledge base article. Luckily, I came across the better price from Amazon. On top of it all, after upgrading, my initial withdrawals were credited as deposits, and my deposits as withdrawals. After their 0 star performance on my original issue, I decided to avoid the pain of calling again, and was eventually able to set the accounts back up and get everything working again. My next upgrade will be to a new product.