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  • James W Springs - The subject matter is not explored in any great depth. It could serve as an itroduction to ...

    This volume is a bit short on text and too long on illustrations. The subject matter is not explored in any great depth. It could serve as an itroduction to the subject but should have contained more detail and more references.

  • An avid reader - A real discovery!

    I honestly had no idea about the presence of electrons on the surface of the earth until I started reading this book. Or that walking barefoot can allow us to connect with the earth in a very beneficial way. You can actually balance your body's electrical system by spending time with your bare feet contacting the earth for as little as fifteen or twenty minutes at a time, and all kinds of healing aspects can be felt such as deep relaxation, lowering of blood pressure, relief from aches and pains etc. It's a shame that humans have lost touch with the earth and all its benefits....but it's not too late to start getting connected. Just read the book and be prepared for a nice surprise.

  • Adam Shelton - Bad experience

    I bought these for a friend because of the reasonable price. Upon ordering two dozen balls, it took over 4 weeks for them to arrive, even after multiple attempts to contact the seller to locate them. I was refunded my money for being inconvenienced and not receiving the balls, but when the balls arrived a few days later (more than 4 weeks after my order was placed), the seller finally contacted me to collect their money. I was even charged for shipping. Funny how they can call to collect money, but are too busy when their end of the deal hasn't been met.

  • A. Bartlett - Loooooooooove it!!!

    I can't believe how many details are in this game! It is so much fun. We don't normally play board games, but we play this one.

  • Mary - Interesting!

    This is a very interesting book. I had never heard of oil pulling. I have had wonderful results since I started. My teeth are whiter, my gums healthier. I have also noticed a calming in my GI tract. I can't wait to see what else it helps!

  • jane - Worst Scam Ever.

    I had always thought Pimsleur was a reputable company that made good products to help you learn a foreign language.

  • A. Davis - Changed our lives

    This book helped me understand the relationship between food and certain symptoms. For us was seasonal allergies and eczema. We haven't done everything the book says, but we are definitely eating more broths, more healthy fats, no wheat, no grains, lots of probiotics, and just with those simple changes our life have changed. Don't be afraid of trying. It sounds overwhelming but you can do small changes at a time and you will still see the results.