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  • Sara - It works very well

    I was skeptical that a supplement would help my thinning hair but I have been using these for 8 months and my thinning areas are almost as filled in as my normal thicker areas of hair on my head. Overall my hair is thicker too. I've not noticed any thickening of hair anywhere else so no bad side effects. I've not been able to let my hair grow beyond a short style for years but now I'm letting it grow and it looks healthy.

  • Peter B. Drayson - Returned within an hour!

    I ordered this over the internet. Unpacked it, looked good. It says on the literature that they have Help Desk 9 AM - 9 PM, EST M - F, forget it; there is nobody there at 4 PM - 6:30 PM and they have changed it to 9 - 5 PM anyway; one thing when they sell you, another when you need help. Ssame old story - go to the website! Put in 7 business cards; did not catch the addresses in the fields; misfiled the phone numbers, often putting the last 4 digits of the number as an extension. Waste of time; do not order.

  • Jerry Sandretto - restocking fee to high

    That heat light didn't work for me at all. I'd be better off buying a large heating pad & I'd be money ahead. I was charged a 10% restocking fee. That's ridicules. What kind of restocking do they have to do they take it out of the box & resell it to another sucker.

  • Ethel Walker - I am happy that I was able use this salve again

    I am happy that I was able use this salve again. I have used it on buns, cuts, and itchy places. It has helped in all the different conditions.

  • Light Seeker - EXCELLENT and it WORKS!

    I purchased this and used twice a day for a month and saw no difference. Some of my toenails were definitely yellow, no disfiguration though. I thought that the entire toenail needed to grow out to see a difference, but I was still concerned that I'd seen no change. Called Customer Care. They explained it could take a few months and that I should lightly file the outside surface of each nail to create a rougher exterior. I started to do that every other day and WHALLA!

  • R. Haight - My grandson enjoyed this book.

    The idea that my dad can fly and he is so fast, was the reason my grandson said he liked the book. He is five years old and the book kept him engaged the whole time.

  • jan tetzlaff - Taste great!

    These taste great, but beware of the calories! You need to take 3 and that's 30 calories. I've taken them for 2 weeks not and have finally begun to notice that my hair has more sheen and my nails are not nearly as brittle as they were. I'll continue to take these and update as needed.