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  • Cookie47 - I'm very disappointment and feel this was a waste of money

    I ordered this product at the end of May along with the green coffee bean extract, I omitted the green coffee bean supplement thinking it was over stimulating my system ,As it caused very severe headaches not to mention it didn't suppress my appetite whatsoever. I'm very disappointment and feel this was a waste of money, as the return policy has elapsed already. Needless to say I will not be ordering this again

  • Powered by Coffee & Wine - Excellent value, works perfectly

    These work great. We've never purchased a name brand or high cost HDMI cable as eventually, no matter the cost, they all eventually stop working. So far these have been just fine and are a good length if your box is not close to your TV connection. I highly recommend these for your high definition TV viewing needs. My husband has been using this to connect his new gaming laptop to our 65" Samsung 4K television and the picture and sound is perfect.

  • bookgeek - face lift in a jar

    Goes on smooth and is good under makeup. Makes skin firmer and tightens pores. Gives a radiant look.

  • golden age superman - Works great, but opens slowly

    Once again, Kaspersky has put together another great Internet Security software package. My only negative is that it starts up very slowly after starting up my PC. I have never had this issue with any of the previous 7 years of Kaspersky Internet Security. I have this running on a Windows 7 Intel i5 desktop and a Windows 7 Intel i7 laptop and both take about a minute after Windows loads up for the "Protection Enabled" message to appear. Personally I'm a patient person and I'm willing to wait for the quality protection that Kaspersky Internet Security provides (although I hope they improve this in future versions). The program installed flawlessly, just make sure you uninstall all prior internet security programs from your PC first. Oh I forgot...the other thing you need patience for is the first update from Kaspersky. If you plan ahead you can find this on sale on Amazon for 18-20 dollars, making this the best product at an exceptional value!