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  • opnbook - Very disappointing…

    I have bought every American Short Stories collection for at least the past 10 years and have always loved them. I was very surprised and dismayed by the caliber of most of the stories in this particular collection. Hopefully, next year's collection will redeem this one.

  • fungi2b - A Mighty Wind

    It could use some brighter lights. Yes, it does sound like a jet engine. Also moves almost twice as much air as the other brands at well under half the cost--not having people try to ask questions while you cook is just a bonus.

  • Lawrence J. Friedberg - An Important update - you must try document manangement and NEW forms customization!

    I have been a Restaurant Consultant/IT and Design for more than 20 years and still use and have beta tested Quickbooks for several years. 2010 Pro is a quality, necessary update and really improves all-around productivity from 2008 and before, plus update from the 2009 Pro (which I stated was NOT a good update from 2008) and you will be amazed at everything added and improved in this version. From the document management to improved Excel importation, to small business help, to an improved Outlook integration, to ease of Online banking eveything just works!