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  • George Bennett - DeLorme Earthmate GPS LT-40

    It does what it's suppose to do. It came bundled with Street Atlas USA 2010 which I suspect makes the LT-40 look like it's performing better than it really is. SA USA 2010 hides the inherent drift of the LT-40 or so it seems. It appears the position is 'locked' when USA 2010/LT-40 see no forward velocity while at the same time the LT-40 may drift away from the true position and back several times in a 15 minute stop. So you may find yourself stopped on the street and starting again from an alley or around the corner. There is still the inherent NE offset between map and track that I find in all DeLorme mapping softhware. Maybe I shouldn't say 'all', just all the I have used!

  • Fiona - There are wall mount more sturdy out there

    I got this for my 47" tv. I had experience in mounting tv on the wall. I think this wall mount, comparing the ones I had used before, is relatively flimsy. I got some snap toggle to be used instead or on top of the fasteners comes with it for the dry wall.

  • SpeakerGuy - Great for 15" KNK MAXX Air

    We use this as a cutting mat for our 15" KNK (Klic-N-Kut) MAXX Air. It fits perfectly in the machine with about 1/16" of clearance on each side, providing a significantly larger working area than the mat supplied by KNK. The surface works nicely with repositionable spray mount adhesive. The cuts turn out every bit as well as with the standard mat and it seems to last just as long before needing replacement.

  • Amazon Customer - but they seem fine. I think of myself as an above average ...

    I've only watched about 30 minutes of videos so far, but they seem fine. I think of myself as an above average user of Excel, so I wasn't planning on getting much out of this. I really bought it for my teenager, but I wanted to run through most of it myself before having them get started on it. Quality of the videos is good. Narration is OK, but a bit bland.

  • K. J. Nicholson - Three Stars

    It's cool. The sound quality is fine, but could be better. It's also more fragile than I would like.

  • Rory - Baby Foot Easy pack

    I was really having high hopes for this product. I found it to be just okay. I followed the directions to a " T". After the 5th day I did notice that my feet were smoother, but I had barely any shedding or peeling. I still have a lot of rough spots on my heels. I probably won't purchase again.

  • ADventureAng - Amazing product, works with just one application!

    I am amazed with this stuff: I saw results after one use! I was surprised that it was a liquid and not a gel, but it is way better than any gel I've ever used because it dries instantly and goes on easily with a cotton ball. I have been plagued with razor burn bumps in the underarm area and really just thought it was something I had to deal with: sounds weird, but I was always jealous of girls who had smooth underarms. I am fully confident that I will now be the envy of other girls. After just one use, they are virtually gone! I will definitely continue to use this stuff! A little warning though, it doesn't really smell the greatest, but once it dries (which is instantly), it doesn't smell at all, so that's good. I also used this product in the bikini area and didn't experience any irritation at all and those razor bumps also disappeared after one use. When used right after shaving, it does sting a little, but that quickly goes away. If you are on the fence about the price, I'd say go for it because it definately works and you won't be disappointing. I wish I found this stuff years ago!