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  • Mrs. D - Disappointed

    The price for this cup seemed too good to be true and now I know why. First of all, I didn't receive the sliding lid, and the one I did receive is terrible. It doesn't stay sealed at all!!! The slightest touch pops it right out. I carry my cup from the top and haved dropped it twice because of that- causing an icy 30oz mess. I gave it 2 stars because it fits in my cup holder in my car and it does keep my drink cold, but without a lid that stays put, I won't be getting much use out of it.

  • G. Diopa - OH This is the best !!!

    I gave this a 5 star, as it is the perfect pinch for any meats you want to add it to, I loved it so much I purchased 6 of this McCormick, as in the stores you will pay a lot more than I did. And most certainly, I have lots of my family members using it as well, try it for yourself...the taste is just right. buy it, see for yourself...Love this, also they have other ones to try, they are all just right. Thank you Amazon!

  • Gene Bondurant - i installed it and the water heater did light. ...

    i installed it and the water heater did light. Camper is only used on weekends. Will know more in aweek.

  • Alison Myers - Krud Kutter gets the job done!

    There doesn't seem to be anything Krud Kutter can cut through and clean away! Whether it's soap scum and mildew in the shower, thick layers of grease in a kitchen, marker on the walls or glue residue on anything, Krud Kutter can get the job done. I especially like that it does such a great job, but is also non-toxic and biodegradable!

  • bluefollydoll - Great quality but small

    These are good quality plates at an awesome price. But beware, they are pretty small in circumference. I was lazy and dint pay attention to the 8 1/2 inch and to me, they are too small for a full plate of food. Live and learn.

  • Josh - The keyboard is very nicely assembled and i do like it alot

    While the product isnt necessarily the top tier quality the customer service i received was. The keyboard is very nicely assembled and i do like it alot, however the lights arent nearly as bright on the black version as opposed to the white version. But if black is your style then i doubt you will be disappointed in your purchase here. Overall, i have no complaints although the lights could be a bit brighter 8/10. If my setup were white instead of black i would much rather have the white one. By the way these are brown keys so they are only slightly clicky. And there arent THAT many different RGB modes. Still a very high quality keyboard in my opinion. I have pictures and videos of the keyboard on my instagram if you want to see. Instagram: Yaki.lol