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  • Jake M. - Excellent Blaster With One Caveat

    Excellent blaster for the money. Equals and surpasses the range of the 3X more expensive Flip-Fury. There really isn't a reason to buy the Jolt over this either since this is so much more versatile for nearly the same price. Only issue is one that plagues all Nerf guns to varying degrees. Nerf darts are an exercise in planned obsolescence. They're meant to slowly degrade and compress, losing their overall diameter and fitting a little less snugly (a must for powerful shots). This blaster in particular is especially prone to used darts syndrome and will simply "push" them out if they don't fit snug enough, making them useless. But as long as you feed it a fresh supply of darts it'll match your peers bigger guns all day.

  • SimpleSimon - Very Expensive Compared To Thrive+

    The first batch of these pills worked when I took 3 of them. The next batch I bought the ingredients were spilling out of the capsules and into the bottle, but they still worked. The last batch of these pills don't work at all regardless of how many I take, which I find highly suspicious. Considering the extortionate cost of these pills compared to other brands with Dihydromyricetin, I think it's an outrageous price for an imperfect product. I now use Thrive+ which is more potent, works a lot better and is considerably cheaper.

  • Idrees Graham - update works

    Its easy and simple......once I updated the Navi more roads pulled up. And I'm now able to update my address since before the update the Navi didn't recognize the street.

  • Amazon Customer - My husband and I love this couples daily devotional

    My husband and I love this couples daily devotional. It has brought us closer together and closer to God as well.

  • Caliguy - GARBAGE!!! Dont be fooled by positive reviews!!!

    Bought Kaspersky Internet Security in July of this year and since installation it has not been working with Windows 8.1 It crashes and when you uninstall it and then try to install it back it will not allow you. Now here is the WORST part of Kaspersky which is their customer service it is just CRAP!!! Because there is none!! They claim to have customer service based in the U.S but you are put on hold having to listen to old school RAP of all things. I sure they probably do this to get you to hand up. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS PEOPLE!!! This is one of those companies that once they got your money you are on your own screwed out of your cash while they laugh their way to the bank!!! KASPERSKY IS UTTER TRASH!!!!