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  • Amazon Customer - Doesn't charge my phone worth s*** and everytime I plug ...

    Doesn't charge my phone worth s*** and everytime I plug it in it just keeps making my phone vibrate by saying its charging then not charging

  • Steve Livingston - The Do Better Manual

    Disclaimer: I'm a white guy. I'm a white guy who is committed to doing better - which means learning to be less of a racist, less of a sexist. So here's a book by a woman of color audaciously titled "I'm Judging You", and it's all about me, about white guys, about the stuff we do that it harmful to people who aren't white guys, that reinforces the perceptions that non-maleness is inferior, and that non-whiteness is inferior. You don't think that's true? Well, then, this book is probably not for you. It is, after all, "the Do Better Manual", so if you think you're already doing fine, don't waste your precious time. But if you've come to the point in your life where you understand why "Black Lives Matter" and why our Constitution needs an Equal Rights Amendment, this book will take you to the next level with grace and humor. Author Luvvie Ajayi conveys her judgments unabashedly but without the least bit of rancor, her writing is clear and compelling yet constantly entertaining. Just the kind of help I was looking for!

  • Primrose - An Immune Booster that works!

    Taken whenever I feel I might be coming down with...well, anything. This is an immune booster and it absolutely works...

  • Smiley - This collection is well worth the price. My grandson ...

    This collection is well worth the price. My grandson collects the stickers each season and this helps him complete the book. There are doubles when you purchase multiple packs but that is to be expected.

  • Jennifer Kinzer - Truly wireless - great sound quality

    I work out a lot, and my wired headphones are always getting tangled. Sometimes the wires will pull on a piece of equipment and send my phone or ipod flying. I was tired of being "tied up", so I decided to try the true wireless stereo headphones by lesoom. What attracted me to them was there was really NO wire. It is just two small earbuds with red and black color. It comes in a nice little red zip-up case that you can clip on your gym bag, which I find super convenient. The instructions were easy to follow to figure out how to pair the earbuds with each other, and with my bluetooth devices. I personally have an android phone, but I also have an ipod. It works on both, which is fantastic. It is a little tricky to get the buds in the right position in my ear. It kind of suctions in and you can't hear any sound until it kind of "clicks". They seem to fall out a little bit, but the sound quality is amazing. I like that I can leave my phone or ipod in my purse while I work out and walk around the gym and still hear the music! Talk about freedom! This is a very long lasting battery, and it is rechargable by USB cable. I'm very happy with this product and it truly brings my workouts to the next level!