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Video Production Company & Studio in Chicago - SolidLine Media - SolidLine Media is a video & film production studio located in the heart of Chicago, offering production services including corporate videos & motion graphics.

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  • E. Vega - Great adaptor

    The adaptor works perfect with the Chicco Keyfit 30 infant car seat. The seat clicks into place just as it does in the car base. No negatives on this item.

  • MamaOf4 - Love it!

    Darling little book - we got them for an ESL parent baby shower, and this is great for ESL parents and babies alike! Simple, clean pictures without extra words - basic, educational, and brightly captivating! The size is perfect for chunky little hands, and the board is thick enough to be study and hold up!

  • Preston R Welter - Brotein.

    I've had tons of different types of protein powder ranging from really cheap and nasty, all the way up to really expensive but incredible quality. This stuff is the latter. It tastes great, mixes well, and boasts a lot more qualities than just simple whey protein. Definitely give it a try if you have a couple extra dollars to spare.

  • Kindle Customer - Clorex and water did a better job in a lot less time

    This product did not work at all. I applied several application several weeks apart and it did nothing to clean my outdoor furniture. The only way it would do anything is if you used a bush and worked hard at it. Clorex and water did a better job in a lot less time. Would like my money back.This is the first product purchased from Amazon that disappointed me.

  • D. P. - Good Product and Good Price

    I take niacin in order to raise my good cholesterol (HDL), and to lower my triglycerides level. This product does both of these things for me. In my opinion, immediate release niacin such as this product, is the smartest form of niacin for my purposes. It does what I want done, and is, in my opinion, the cheapest, most effective, and the very safest way to do this. Immediate release niacin does cause a flush. But understand that if you don't get the flush, you probably won't get the desired benefits. You wouldn't buy a sports car, and then have the motor removed so that it won't go fast. With a sports car, the thrill of going fast is probably the reason you buy the product. With niacin, you have to have the flush, if you want it to do for you what you buy this type of product for in the first place. As with other niacin products, immediate release niacin could somewhat raise your average blood sugar level, and it could possibly effect your liver. At least, this is what I've read. It hasn't bothered me.

  • Hadeel - جهاز جيد

    سعره جيد بالمقارنه مع اجهزة الليزر الأخرى سهل الإستخدام الشخصي توفر لك قيمة زيارتك للعيادات الليزر المكلفة جداً واستخدام هذا الجهاز يوفر لك خصوصية أكثر بالمنزل

  • Brenton R. Grant III - Very versatile

    I haven't been able to use ours yet. Once my wife found out about the rechargable rabbit attachment in the knife, I haven't seen either one for a week.