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  • http://www.eyesiteonwellness.com/category/healthy-vision/caring-for-your-eyes/ Caring for your eyes - Proper eye care can lead to the early detection and treatment of vision-related complications like glaucoma and cataracts.
  • http://www.eyesiteonwellness.com/category/healthy-vision/nutrition/ Eye nutrition - Find out what nutrients are important for your eyes and even add some eye healthy recipes to your cookbook.
  • http://www.eyesiteonwellness.com/category/healthy-vision/vision-insurance/ Vision insurance and benefits - Vision benefits can seem complicated but with some key insights you can better understand what your benefits mean for you.
  • http://www.eyesiteonwellness.com/category/healthy-vision/eye-conditions/ Eye conditions - Vision disorders are the second most prevalent health condition in the United States.
  • http://www.eyesiteonwellness.com/category/eyewear-style-care/contacts/ Contact Lenses - Helpful tips on the pros and cons of contacts as well as how to care for them.
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  • http://www.eyesiteonwellness.com/category/eyewear-style-care/sunglasses/ Sunglasses - The importance of sunglasses year round and discover what a “good” pair of sunglasses means
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  • http://www.eyesiteonwellness.com/category/vision-by-age/adults/ Adult eye vision - What your aging eyes should look for and why it’s important to get an annual eye exam.
  • http://www.eyesiteonwellness.com/category/vision-by-age/seniors/ Senior eye vision - Although seniors are more susceptible to various eye conditions, you can take simple steps to help detect, treat or possibly even prevent serious eye conditions.
  • http://www.eyesiteonwellness.com/category/vision-technology/ Technology in eye vision - Like most other things in the world, vision is being transformed by the advancement of technology
  • http://www.eyesiteonwellness.com/category/spanish/ Spanish Articles ( Artículos en español) | Eye Site on Wellness - Un sitio para la salud y el bienestar de la vista . Encuentra contenido en la salud , las condiciones , los síntomas y la tecnología de visión.
  • http://www.eyesiteonwellness.com/know-child-needs-glasses/ How do you know when a child needs glasses? - How do you know your child needs glasses? Adan started trying harder in school when he got his glasses through OneSight and could see clearly.
  • http://www.eyesiteonwellness.com/vision-videos-quizzes-more/ Vision videos, quizzes & more | Eye site on wellness - Your sweet-spot for interactive tools and resources on everything vision. You will find quizzes, videos, info-graphics, and much more.
  • http://www.eyesiteonwellness.com/8-things-know-buy-glasses-online/ 8 things to know before you buy glasses online - Looking to buy glasses online? Check out our buyer’s guide with eight things you should know before you buy your glasses online.

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    I assume this does the trick, as this is one of those things you can't really check. One thing I find humorous is the box is made for 3 doses, yet the instructions say to discard after application (??). So I guessed at what a third was and flushed it. Then guessed at what a half of (of what was left); then I used what was left and tossed the box.

  • Amazon Customer - PC Matic, The best out there!

    I have had this product for 2 years now, it does a great job and I like the fact it will schedule a full run and remind and update you. I like that there based in the U.S. where as most others are not! Great product....

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    In short--best beauty product purchase of the year, and perhaps ever! I am a fair-skinned brunette, so I have exactly the right coloring for this device. I do not hesitate to highly recommend this product if you have similar coloring. My bikini area and underarms are dramatically improved. Pay attention to the color of the hair you want to remove, though. I've found the hair on my legs to be a little too light for this to have dramatic results. If you have freckles--no worries! I have freckles and have noticed no adverse response. All-in-all, you will be pleased. It costs less than one laser treatment, is much less painful than waxing and best of all, you can preserve your dignity and privacy by doing it yourself--again, and again, and again--as needed. I'm still on my first bulb, so not everyone has issues with that. Regardless, it is very inexpensive over the long term when compared to spa services.

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    What a great, inexpensive way to brew coffee or loose tea! Place it into your mug, add about a tablespoon of coffee, or a teaspoon of loose tea. Add boiling water, let steep to your desired strength, and enjoy. It's that simple!

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