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CSGOSTRONG: Free CS GO Skins - Lowlight of the Year: Gaming Paradise After the disaster that was ESWC Montreal 2015, the community at large had come to the conclusion that Montreal would end up being the worst tournament of the year. As possibly the worst tournament ever held in history, Gaming Paradises issues ran from not having any computers present at the event to the police being called in to hold the players passports due to missing hotel payments.

Country:, Europe, NL

City: 5.7237 Provincie Flevoland, Netherlands

  • ariel - Fantastic Product- Worth Every Penny!

    To start: I mention a few products by brand name in this review. I have not received any kind of compensation in the past & will not receive any at any point in the future. These products are listed solely for comparison and as recommendations for successful use of the product under review. My references to the costs & shipment of my personal order refers to a purchase made directly from the official Giani website & are only included because I feel that customer service contributes to the overall value of a product, and thus its overall rating.

  • Megan - Love Krud Kutter!

    This stuff works wonders on black marks. I love that I just have to spray and wipe instead of using a magic eraser until the paint comes off and the sponge crumbles. It's not the best smelling and can be a little overwhelming if the room is not well ventilated.

  • Us Air Mc - Instructor with 2500hrs

    Amazon has no option for ZERO stars so I had to put one star down. One would expect this to be an informative book written by a seasoned aviator vice a weekend book report written by someone who has enough hours in a plane to keep him from killing himself. Author is not even a winged aviator and his views and experiences are far from the actual reality-joke is on you. Don't waste your $, God knows the government already does enough of that for you.

  • Cohoman - This product did exactly what I needed!

    I discovered a 2-foot long black mark on my front fender (caused by a stray shopping cart, no doubt) and I tried to remove it using soap and water and a sponge which didn't work. I then used a Scott's green scrubbie which did get the black mark out, but left some light scratches on the finish. These scratches weren't very deep, and only penetrated into the upper layer of the clear coat of the paint. However, they were really noticeable from a short distance as you walked up to my car (ugh!). So, after some research I decided to try the Quixx Paint Scratch Remover since I only need to repair the clear topcoat on my car.

  • Lisa Khalil - Wasted time and money

    Thought the cleanse was going well. Day 10 I started having tingling and buzzing sensations all over body. Went to doctor it was Vitamin D deficiency. Wasted time and money


    Phil Collins has an incredible voice and I love his music. This song has a solid beat, strong meaning, and good listening music. I would certainly recommend this song, Phil Collins, to all!