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  • Swen Ackermann - You get what u pay for no faults v happy

    In fairness I bought this product as a movie buff and enjoy watching a big screen . I currently have mine set up at 3 metres away from a cream wall and getting a confirmed 100 inches of brill viewing. It does mean curtains closed and they ain't black out but I still have good viewing in the day. Back ground noise from the system although may seem loud to start but u instinctively drown that out and negligible .

  • Ilona Matyka - a must have tool for every electrician.

    it is a great tool for every electrician. if you ever use it only for one can you will never want to cut the hole with a handsaw again. saves you a lot of time and theres no mess to worry about.i just love it.and my costumers love it too-no mess no stress.

  • GWTardy - I yield to the best so far!

    So much software hasn't lived up to its billing over the years that I have become the ultimate Anti-Virus (AV) cynic, and scrooge to boot! I absolutely suffered some chest pain while buying this $20+ product (they'll all a bunch of liars you know, . . . or so I thought). Moreover, I was really mad that it took two full days for the WebRoot Secure Anywhere AntiVirus to run on my six hard drives (can't be redundant enough). Boy, was I mad!

  • Shivaji - It worked!

    I have been using this comb for about 2 and 1/2 years. The first and second year I shed just as much as I did before I started using it. Now, these past months, I've noticed a slight decrease. Even though I still shed, new hair grows in its place and I've maintained the amount of hair that I had when I started using this comb.

  • Jessica - Great read!!

    Whether you are a Nicole Curtis fan or not this book will inspire you to get up off your butt and get out and follow your dreams in life! Part self help and part behind the scenes it is nice to finally know the WHOLE story!