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  • halelehua - exactly as advertised

    i was concerned about sturdiness of chair as my husband weighs in at 300lbs but it is very strong. he has been using it about 1 month and is very pleased with it.

  • Elizabeth Stewart - It does seem to help back pain.

    I tried these patches for back pain. They do seem to help. The pain isn't gone, but it's more manageable. I think it's the local delivery of the medicine (basically aspirin) that does the job; the menthol and camphor just deliver a cooling then warming sensation to the surface of the skin that doesn't last very long. I think that the thinner the skin, the more intense the sensation will be. I prefer the pads that deliver actual heat, but I'll at least use up this box. I might buy more. You get a lot for your money. The patches do stay on all day long. I didn't find them unpleasant; I even forgot I had them on. I used two at a time for for my back. I also used one on my thumb for a tendon strain, and it helped that too.

  • Amazon Customer - A Free PEANUT Plug and It Works Out of the Box

    Works as described, though the three minute set up is more like 5 minutes if you count the machine warming up on initial plug-in. For a technically challenged senior (60+) the touch screen and simple instructions were easy to follow and made setting up a secure wireless network easy peazzy.

  • Joe Patterson - Magic!

    MAGIC! From the first moment I used it I became virtually allery free. First time in the 35 years I've lived in Phoenix. I have all but elimininated allergy pills. Recently bought the travel kit so that i can take it withme anywhere. Can't say enough positive.

  • aiRCoft - I'm a big fan of Zippo products, but this is terrible....

    I really do like the brand "Zippo", and I own dozens of their lighters and products, but this hand warmer simply doesn't work. I ordered one a while back, and it didn't seem to work no matter what I did to it, so I returned it and got another, thinking it would work better. I read the ALL of the instructions and followed them both times, and still it did not work. It says that it lights in 3-5 seconds, but that is a total lie. My first one never lit, and my second one did light after about 2 minutes of holding a Zippo lighter's flame to it, and then the heat only lasted a few minutes, and the catalytic burner went out.... I really, really do like Zippo, don't get me wrong, but this is a very bad design and I would definitely not recommend it. Stick to the disposable ones that you can get for around $1. If Zippo ever decided to redesign this product or make a new version of a hand warmer, I would buy it without a doubt, but I am not satisfied with this one. (The only reason I didn't give this product a one-star rating was because I like the little bag it came with, the butane measuring cup, and I like the looks of the stainless steel design of the hand warmer itself.)