Eucomed - Home - Eucomed represents the medical technology industry in Europe. Our mission is to make modern, innovative and reliable medical technology available to more people.

  • Eucomed - What Medical Technology exactly is - Medical technology can be considered as any technology used to save lives in individuals suffering from a wide range of conditions. In its many forms, it’s already diagnosing, monitoring and treating virtually every disease or condition that affects us.
  • Eucomed - Disease & Sectors - Advances in medical technology can now offer solutions to managing these conditions and minimising their impact on quality of lif of people.
  • Eucomed - Why become a member of Eucomed? - Why become a member of Eucomed. Information on what the organization represents and why medical technology companies need EU representation.
  • Eucomed - Ethics & Compliance - The medical technology industry represented by Eucomed is committed to ensuring that its collaboration with Healthcare Professionals and other stakeholders adheres to the highest ethical and professional standards.
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    this was not what I expected. it is more of an autobiography than the information that I was expecting. it was a good read just not what I expected I was looking for some guidance as to what to supplement with for different problems. also purchased the Lets play doctor book and it is not that good either

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