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  • Lily - This is the only shampoo I use, the best everyday shampoo.

    I tried using the new Grow Strong garnier shampoo and it was just terrible: left a strong plastic-y residue and little latter. I don't think I'll ever go back to another shampoo. Whether or not it actually prevent breakage, I can't really be sure of. However, the quality is this shampoo is extremely nice and there is biotin in it's ingredients. That combination would lead me to believe that I'm better off using this shampoo for breakage than any other kinds in the market and I do notice that I tend to shed more whenever I switch to a different shampoo (because I ran out of the fall fight one). Please give it a try.

  • Reed - TV good, internet connection card terrible

    I bought from best buy on Amazon prime day (Amazon ran out). Picture and sound are great. HOWEVER... it is supposed to be a smart TV. But the wireless card sucks. Needs to be within 20 feet of the router to use streaming video. Why, well I called customer service and basically said that there isn't a separate antenna on the TV. So, while my computer, phone, tablet, etc. can get 40 mbps right next to the tv, the tv can only get 10 mbps, and the signal is intermittent, causing all sorts of interuptions and problems.

  • SV from AZ - It does what it says it will

    I have fibrosis of the lungs due to a bird allergy of years ago. This product is said to help with dissolving the scar tissue - the fibrosis. I do feel it has helped me a lot. I've taken it for almost a year now and am pleased with easier breathing. It also is said to help with inflamation, and while I have not had any joint problems, none have developed, so perhaps this is a good preventative.

  • Phil O - His worst album yet

    Oh dear. I like Michael Buble, I really like him. He has been a refreshing breath of life on the music scene for the past 14 years.

  • Amazon Customer - AC adapter and cord were bad

    Purchased the Lenovo ideacentre Stick 300 with a 3rd party 2yr warranty. Used it twice with no problem. Seem to work fine. On the 3rd attempt, a little over a month later, it would not boot up. I contacted the Lenovo support line and they determined that the AC adapter and cord were bad and would ship new ones to me within 45 business days. I asked if I could use a different AC cord and adapter and they recommended not to. After waiting 2 weeks, I went online and couldn't find my case number for status. I contacted support where they initially couldn't find it either, but then found that the case was closed out. The support person then informed me that the AC cord and adapter (that are part of the ideacentre that I purchased) are not covered. How can you charge for an item and not support it? Fortunately, I was able to get store credit from the store and purchased a different product.